260 meter hi-tech tunnel will be built for Kainchi Dham, movement will be safe

Nainital. After the inclusion of the famous Kainchi Dham on the Almora-Haldwani Highway in the Mandir Mala Mission, the efforts to streamline the arrangements have intensified. Construction of a tunnel has been proposed in the bypass that is being prepared to relieve the traffic jam in the area. A tunnel of about 260 meters length will be constructed in the two kilometer bypass.
According to the Assistant Engineer of NH, the survey report has been sent to higher officials from where the report will be sent to the Union Road and Surface Ministry for approval.
The famous Kainchi Dham located on the highway is the center of faith for millions of devotees from across the country and abroad. Every day thousands of devotees come to pay obeisance at Baba Neem Karori. Seeing the increasing crowd of devotees, efforts to make arrangements have also intensified. Parking has come into existence for the vehicles of the devotees reaching the Dham. Land is also being searched for heli service. Now, to get rid of the jam, the effort to construct bypass in Kainchi area has also intensified.
Due to the two kilometer bypass being built from the highway via Hali-Hartapa Road, vehicles coming from the mountains will move through the bypass instead of going to Kainchi main market. The NH administration has also completed the survey for the bypass construction.
The special thing is that about 260 meter hi-tech tunnel will also be constructed in the bypass. The concerned department has proposed construction of a tunnel in the bypass to protect the surrounding population from debris and stones falling from the hill.
Departmental officials have claimed that the construction of the tunnel will make transportation safe. According to NH Assistant Engineer Ramesh Chandra Pandey, the survey of 260 meter tunnel construction has been completed and the report has been sent to higher officials. The tunnel is also expected to get the green signal from the Union Road and Surface Ministry.

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