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8 funerals arose from a courtyard, there was chaos in the village, the last farewell with moist eyes

Due to the death of 10 people on Sunday, the happiness of marriage had turned into mourning.

Moradabad. The wedding celebration turned into mourning in Korbaku village of Bhojpur police station area of ​​Moradabad. 10 people died in the road accident. Of these, 8 people belonged to the same family. On Monday, when 8 funerals took place from one house, mourning spread in the village. Wet eyes said the last farewell.
According to the information, on Sunday, a whole family of Korbaku village was going to Rampur in a pickup to attend the wedding. On the way, a high speed DCM truck coming from the front in Bhagatpur police station area went uncontrollable and rammed into the pickup. In the accident, 23 people aboard the pickup were buried under the truck. In this, 10 people died painfully and the treatment of the remaining 13 people is going on. Senior officers of administration and police were present in the hospitals after the accident and were concerned about ensuring that the injured get the best possible treatment.

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8 funeral processions took place from the same house
The most regrettable aspect of the accident is that when 8 funerals took place from the same house, everyone was shocked. This news spread like fire in the whole village. A large number of people from all the nearby villages offered prayers for the funeral of the dead and after that everyone was handed over to ashes in the cemetery of the village itself. Among the dead, the bodies of children, women and men were all taken together from the same house for burial. At that time everyone’s eyes were moistThere is mourning in the whole village.

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