After Haldwani, now encroachment removed from markets in Dehradun, traders protested by closing shops

Teams issued 96 challans at different places, many were released with warning
On the instructions of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the police and district administration have started action to remove encroachments from the footpaths. However, due to calls from ministers and MLAs at many places, the team had to leave after giving a warning to the encroachers.
The encroachers were warned that if any food stall or street vendor is seen on the footpath again, their goods will be confiscated. The teams to remove encroachment also faced opposition at many places. Shopkeepers closed their shops in protest.
On Saturday, the action to remove encroachment started from Ghantaghar. Teams of police, district administration and RTO office started vacating the footpath. During this period, challans were also issued to the vehicles parked on the roadside. Shopkeepers here started protesting during challan of vehicles on Rajpur Road.
In protest, shopkeepers marched to the DM residence, lowering half the shutters of their shops. Here he protested before the City Magistrate. He said that if challans are issued against customers’ vehicles, their business will come to a standstill.
After this, many shopkeepers even called some ministers and MLAs. It is being told that after receiving their calls, the teams did not remove the encroachment and left only after giving a warning.
District Magistrate Sonika said that five teams removed street vendors, carts and fads from Ghantaghar to Pacific Mall and Rajpur Road, Ghantaghar to FRI, Araghar to Dharampur Chowk, Rispana, Jogiwala. People walk on the road because the footpath is occupied. Due to which there is traffic jam. Due to this many times road accidents also occur. That is why footpaths are being evacuated from all the roads in the city.
During the action to remove encroachment, the Municipal Corporation team issued 42 challans and imposed a fine of Rs 32,800. At the same time, the police team issued 40 challans and collected a fine of Rs 20 thousand and the RTO issued 14 challans and collected a fine of Rs 7 thousand. The District Magistrate has directed the officials of the concerned departments to conduct regular campaigns against encroachment. Even the evacuated places should not be re-occupied.

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