After Rahul Gandhi, Varun Gandhi reached Kedarnath, both met

Rahul Gandhi left for Dehradun after ending his three-day tour.

Dehradun. Former Congress President and MP Rahul Gandhi paid obeisance at Kedarnath Dham on Tuesday. Early in the morning, Rahul Gandhi reached Kedarnath Dham and bowed down and took blessings of Baba Kedar. MP Rahul Gandhi’s three-day Kedarnath tour ended today with his obeisance at Baba Kedar’s court.
The special thing is that before paying obeisance at Kedarnath Dham, Rahul Gandhi met his cousin and BJP leader Varun Gandhi. Actually, BJP leader Varun Gandhi had also reached Kedarnath Dham these days. During this time Rahul Gandhi also met him. Their meeting has increased political turmoil.
Rahul Gandhi has now left Kedarnath. Rahul Gandhi has left for Dehradun from Kedarnath by helicopter. Today is the return of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who came to Kedarnath on a three-day visit.
Let us tell you that former National President of Congress Rahul Gandhi offered prayers at the statue of Adi Guru Shankaracharya on the second day of Kedarnath Yatra. Spent time with sages and saints. He organized Bhandara in the temple premises and himself distributed Prasad to the devotees. First thing on Monday morning, Rahul Gandhi reached the Samadhi site of Adi Guru Shankaracharya. Along with worshiping there, he also meditated. Also spent some time with Mouni Baba. Rahul Gandhi joined the Bhandara in the afternoon. This bhandara was given by him only. After this Rahul reached Bhairav temple. Here also he offered prayers.
Rahul Gandhi spent time with the people present around the temple. Rahul talked to the horse and mule drivers who reached Kedarnath with the devotees. Listened to their problems. During this, former Congress presidents Ganesh Godiyal and Rajesh Chamoli were present.
Rahul Gandhi took selfie with the devotees. Rahul Gandhi kept meeting with the devotees who reached Kedarnath for a long time. Devotees also took selfies with him. Rahul also talked to many youth. Rahul toured the entire Kedarnath area.

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