Audio of BJP leaders goes viral! 30 lakhs taken in the name of making a minister in Uttarakhand

Political storm in Uttarakhand, this audio came to light after the dispute between two factions of BJP in Bhatraunjkhan, Almora.
After the dispute that arose between two groups of BJP in Bhatraunjkhan, an audio is now going viral. In this, one person is accusing another person of defrauding Rs 30 lakh to make him a minister. The voice in the audio is said to be that of an MLA and a senior official. The audio is going viral on social media. There has been a storm in Uttarakhand BJP after the audio became public.
Audio Highlights
First person: Sir Namaskar
Second person: Today your teacher had gone with the demand of arresting my brother.
First person: …ji’s call had come. He said that I am in Bhatraunjkhan police station. Come, let’s meet.
Second person: I am filing a complaint of fraud. 30 lakhs have been cheated from me.
1st person: Do what you’re doing.
Second person: You guys did a very good job… in the police station demanding the arrest of my brother. What did we do wrong?
First person: Went there and found out how it’s happening
Second person: Five fingers won’t fit in his mouth. All the photos are going viral. Say… die by drowning in a handful of water. God will punish you. If God exists somewhere, then you are my curse. How much I trusted you. Today against me in the police station. To get my brother arrested. Tell them to die by drowning in water. God will punish you, God.
First person: I am with them
Second person: Very soon I will see with my eyes and hear with my ears. Your plight. Like you have insulted me today. Someone comes to my house and abuses. What did they care if someone misbehaved?
First person: It had nothing to do with it, brother.
Second person: You tell me. Till today we have said the word ‘you’ to them.
First person: No..no that’s not what happened
Second person: I also say that he told me to make him a minister. Deceived me, defrauded me of Rs 30 lakh. I am filing an FIR. I call all witnesses. Money has come into the account. You will know how many twenty are equal to one hundred. Okay yes, tell them…

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