Bloody clash over DJ playing songs in Laksar Haridwar, youth killed, 4 injured

Incident of Habibpur, there was a ruckus over playing the song of Gujjars

Roorkee. A big incident has come to light in Habibpur Kudi village of Laksar police station area regarding DJ playing. In which the news of the death of a young man and serious injuries to 4 people has come to the fore.According to the information received, on the night of May 20, Anuj Saini’s son Sarjit Saini’s Mandhe program was organized in which the family members had also invited a DJ to express their happiness and also invited relatives from other areas. Rajesh Kumar of the village told on the phone that before the DJ started playing, 4-5 Gurjar boys from the village came and asked them to play Gurjar’s song first, on this the responsible people present there said that let the aarti be played first and then others. Will play songs but Gurjar’s boys did not agree. After that there was an argument between them and within no time the argument turned into a fight.
Rajesh Kumar says that Gujjars and other boys attacked Sagar Saini’s son Mukesh Kumar and took him to the railway line where he died. While 4 relatives who came from Deoband, Anand son Rajkumar resident Deoband, Arun son Vijay Singh resident Deoband, Sonu son Sureshpal resident Gumarsi Saharanpur, Sonu son Dharmabir resident Mustafabad Muzaffarnagar were seriously injured who were referred to Laksar and Haridwar. On talking to the Raisi police post, it was learned that they are aware of this incident, but till now no written complaint has come to them. Police said that in the preliminary investigation, there is news of the death of a boy after being hit by a train, but there is no concrete information about his death in the quarrel. While Rajesh Kumar, the uncle of the deceased Sagar Saini (age 19 years) says that he was brutally beaten to death. Till the time of writing the news, no tahrir has been given against the accused on behalf of the victim’s family

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