Budget of Rs 109 crore presented for infrastructure development of Haldwani and other cities

Special care taken for all sections of society in Dhami government’s Rs 89 thousand crore budget
On Tuesday, the second day of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly session, the Dhami government presented a budget of Rs 89 thousand crore for the financial year 2024-25. Many special arrangements have been made for every item and category in the budget. The Legislative Assembly session in Uttarakhand started from Monday. People were eagerly waiting for the Dhami government to present the budget, which has been completed today. Special care has been taken of all sections of society in the budget of Dhami government. In this, emphasis has been laid on basic needs including sports, education and health.
Know the special features of Dhami government’s budget
· A provision of Rs 250 crore has been made in the budget for organizing the proposed 38th National Games in Uttarakhand.
· Rs 27.00 crore for organizing Khel Mahakumbh
· Rs 15.00 crore for mini stadium in rural areas
· Rs 10 crore for organizing state and national youth festivals
Ten crores for scholarships
Eight crore rupees to provide awards and financial assistance to medal winning players in international competitions.
· Seven crores to promote entrepreneurship, skills and innovation
Five crores for organizing training camps
Eight crore rupees for awards and financial assistance to medal winning players in international competitions.
Five crores for Work Force Development for Modern Economy
Four crores for Chief Minister Minority Meritorious Girls Promotion Scheme
· Rs 150 crore for strengthening urban infrastructure
· Rs 109 crore for strengthening of urban infrastructure (Haldwani and other cities)
· Hundred crores for the construction of urban drinking water and drainage schemes.
· Hundred crore for KFW project in drinking water department
· Rs 100 crore for Atal Renovation and Urban Transformation Mission Phase-2
· Rs. 60.00 crore for urban infrastructure development (Phase-2) in medium category municipal bodies.
· Rs 50.00 crore for slum development and development of urban infrastructure facilities.
· Rs 27.00 crore for Rishikesh Nagar Integrated Urban Infrastructure Development Project
· Rs 20.00 crore for construction of Green Field/Brown Field City.
· Rs 20.00 crore for infrastructure work in Gairsain
· Free gas refill to 1,83,419 Antyodaya card holders Rs. 54 crore for three cylinders in a year
· 390 crore for PM Awas Yojana Rural
· 44 crores for the welfare and corps fund of the agitators.
· 20 crores for food grain scheme
· Rs 679 crore 34 lakh for subsidy in schemes of various departments

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