Caught in political crisis, 11 MLAs including six rebels of Himachal Congress took refuge in Uttarakhand.

These include three independent MLAs who had recently voted in support of the BJP candidate in the Rajya Sabha elections.
There is news of 11 MLAs including six rebel MLAs of Himachal Congress stuck in political crisis reaching Uttarakhand. These also include three independent MLAs, who had recently voted in support of the BJP candidate in the Rajya Sabha elections.
All the MLAs landed at Dehradun airport in Jolly Grant by a special chartered plane and left for some unknown place from here. According to sources, all these MLAs are reported to be staying in a big group hotel located about 30 km from Rishikesh. It is believed that these rebel MLAs will spend the next few days in Uttarakhand only. It is being told that on Friday, these rebel MLAs reached Dehradun Airport in Jolly Grant by a special chartered plane. His program has been kept confidential. Even before he reached the airport, complete arrangements were made to take him to an unknown place.
After coming out of the airport, all the rebel MLAs left for Rishikesh. From here they directly reached Singtali, where a big group has a five-star hotel. Right now this hotel has become his home. Sources say that from here they can also go to some other unknown place.
Along with the rebel MLAs, two BJP MLAs are also said to be there. It is even being speculated that the rebel MLAs have also met some senior leaders of Uttarakhand BJP. There is political turmoil in Himachal after the rebellion of six Congress MLAs in the Rajya Sabha elections. The rebel MLA is out of Himachal after being expelled from the party. Before reaching Uttarakhand, he was reported to be in Chandigarh and Haryana. Three independent MLAs who voted in favor of the BJP candidate in the Rajya Sabha elections are also with him. Political implications of the rebel MLAs being in hiding are also being drawn that something big is going to happen in the politics of Himachal.

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