Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami will hold a road show in New Delhi on Wednesday, then in Hyderabad.

Will go to Dubai on 16th and 17th October to invite investors to the Global Investors Conference proposed in the state in December.

Dehradun. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami will hold a road show in New Delhi on Wednesday regarding the proposed global investors conference in the state in December. He will also go to Dubai on 16th and 17th October to invite investors. Apart from this, road shows will also be organized in Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad this month to invite investors.
Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami reached Delhi late on Tuesday evening for the road show. It is believed that the state government can enter into agreements with 18 to 20 companies in this road show. The focus of the government is to implement as many agreements as possible at this time.
The government is busy preparing for the investors’ conference in the state. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami himself has taken charge of it. Recently he has visited Britain in this episode. For the investor conference, four road shows in different states of the country and one road show in Dubai are proposed this month.
During his proposed visit to Dubai on October 16 and 17, the Chief Minister will invite investors from tourism, service sector, real estate and wellness sectors for the Global Investors Conference. The road shows to be held in Singapore and Taiwan have been postponed for the time being. This will be held later.
After the road show in Delhi on Wednesday, there will be road shows in Chennai on 26 October, Bengaluru on 28 October and Hyderabad on 31 October. There will be a conference with film production related organizations in Ahmedabad on November 2, Mumbai on November 6 and a road show with industrial houses on November 7.
Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami says that the government intends to implement as many proposals as possible for investment. Serious work is going on in this direction. Secretary to Chief Minister R Meenakshi Sundaram said that through the Global Investors Summit, the government’s focus is to invest in those areas where there is the most potential.

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