Contenders, fighting and uproar before student union elections in Haldwani

Uproar in Kotwali against police action, both sides gave complaint

Haldwani. Anarchy has started happening in the city even before the student union elections. Several old student leaders jumped into the fight between the two contenders at MBPG on Friday.
A student preparing to contest as an independent was thrashed in the college. Women policemen saved her life. When the matter was pacified inside the college, some former student leaders started beating the independent claimant on the street outside. The police had to bring the matter under control with the help of lathis. Angered by the police action, ABVP and BJYM leaders surrounded the police station and staged a sit-in. Here the transfer of SSI Vijay Mehta was demanded. Three students from both the sides were injured in the scuffle.
ABVP workers sitting on dharna in Kotwali suddenly came to the main road in front of Kotwali. Seeing the crowd of student leaders, CO Bhupendra Singh Dhoni along with the police team reached the spot. The CO took them to Kotwali after convincing the student leaders who were raising slogans against the police on the road.
ABVP activists sat on a dharna at Kotwali following a clash between two groups of student leaders at MBPG. Amidst the uproar that lasted for two and a half hours, there was fierce sloganeering against the police. BJYM State Vice President Neeraj Bisht got into an altercation with SSI Vijay Mehta. Meanwhile, the BJYM lathi-charged the police and the police accused them of creating nuisance. The ruckus lasted from 1.30 pm to 4 pm. CO Bhupendra Singh Dhoni and Kotwali Harendra Chaudhary tried to convince the student leaders, but they started demanding the removal of the inspector. The strike ended after BJYM district president Kartik Herbola, state co-media in-charge Gaurav Joshi, district BJP minister Pramod Bora got assurance of action from the police officers.

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