Cow becomes violent in Haridwar, crushes child going for tuition, shocking video surfaced

The cow targeted the person who went to save the child, filed a complaint against the owner of the cow in the police station
. You will also be surprised to see the violent form of a cow. Very angry, the cow attacked the child going to tuition. Crushed the child with both his feet. All this was captured in a CC camera installed in a house.
A child was going to study tuition in Alankar Vihar Colony of Kankhal police station area of ​​Haridwar. The cow suddenly attacked him. Tried to crush him under his feet. Not only this, when a person present nearby tried to save the child, the cow did not even spare him and attacked him too and pinned him under his feet. This process went on for a long time, after that the people present there chased the cow away from there by reprimanding the poles.
A child named Vyom and a young man named Ashish have been injured in the cow attack. The relatives of the injured have given a complaint against the animal owner in the Kankhal police station. It is being told that the calf of this cow had died recently, after which the nature of the cow has become violent. CCTV footage of the incident has also come to the fore

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