Female partner murdered, cut the dead body with a cutter and made 100 pieces and cooked it in a cooker and fed it to the dogs.

A shocking incident came to light in Mumbai, the woman used to live in a live-in relationship with the accused.

Maharashtra. A heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore in Mumbai. A woman living in a live-in relationship was murdered by her partner. The dead body was cut into 100 pieces with a cutter and the pieces were cooked in a cooker and fed to the dogs.
Police recovered the dead body of a woman in several pieces from the seventh floor flat of a building of the society in the Geeta Cooperative Housing Society, Mira Road, adjacent to Mumbai, at around 8 pm last evening. A complaint was received from the residents that foul smell was emanating from the flat. The body of the woman was recovered in several pieces. The woman was murdered by slitting her throat. The woman’s name is Saraswati Vidya and she was living with her live-in partner Manoj Sahni. Live in partner’s age is 56 years. The police suspect that the murder took place on June 4 itself.
Both were living in a rented flat in Akashganga Bhavan for 3 years. The police have arrested Manoj Sane, the live-in partner of the woman, on the basis of suspicion. At present, further investigation is going on. The gruesome aspect of this incident is that the body of the deceased was cut into pieces and cooked in a cooker. The accused cut the woman’s body into pieces and cooked it in a cooker and fed it to the dogs. People complained about foul smell coming from the flat.
The police have so far come to know that Manoj had committed the murder three to four days ago and after that the accused Manoj bought a tree cutter with which he cut the dead body of Saraswati Vaidya into pieces. Not only this, when the police found in the flat that the accused had also boiled some parts of Saraswati’s body by putting them in a cooker. But why he boiled the pieces of the corpse could not be disclosed yet. The police guess that it is possible that the pieces of the corpse were boiled only to reduce and avoid the stench coming from the corpse. Although the police is interrogating the accused in this regard. In the initial interrogation of the police, it has also been learned that Manoj runs a shop in Borivali, Mumbai. But what is his business, this thing has not yet come to the fore.

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