Fire breaks out in optical showroom in Rishikesh

Rishikesh. A huge fire broke out in an eyeglass showroom near Rishikesh Kotwali. The fire brigade somehow managed to control the fire.
A fire broke out in the showroom of Sethi Optical located in the city center at around 2 pm on Tuesday afternoon. At this time none of the showroom owner and other employees were in the showroom. Seeing the smoke rising from the showroom, the nearby citizens informed the owner of the showroom. The showroom owner who reached the spot opened the door and saw that the wooden rack inside was on fire. Meanwhile, city center security personnel along with fire fighting equipments reached the spot. He tried to douse the fire with the help of city center headman and personal efforts but by then the fire had reached the ceiling of the showroom. In no time, the fire took a gigantic form and the entire showroom was filled with smoke. After getting the information, the fire brigade reached the spot. The team brought the fire under control with the help of around two fire tenders

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