Former prime minister’s granddaughter accuses husband of dowry harassment, couple lives in Dehradun

Granddaughter also accused of demanding Rs 100 crore and MLA ticket from Balagir
Former Prime Minister Late. VP Singh’s granddaughter has accused her husband and in-laws of dowry harassment. On Monday, he complained about this to DGP Ashok Kumar.
Former PM’s granddaughter Andrija Singh was married to Arkesh, grandson of former Odisha CM RN Singh Deo in 2017. Arkesh is the son of former MP from Balagir, Orissa, Anang Uday Singh Deo. He has a house in Shakambari, Rajpur Road, Dehradun. Andrija and Arkesh have been living in this house for some time now. Andrija alleges that Arkesh and his family have been demanding dowry from her since marriage.
It is alleged that the servants and some of Arkesh’s colleagues also misbehaved with him. He told the DGP that a complaint was given to the Rajpur police station, but no action was taken. Here, Andrija’s husband Arkesh has also complained to the police headquarters. Said that Andrija and he want to separate. It is alleged that Andrija is demanding Rs 100 crore for divorce and MLA ticket from Balagir. On this only she wants to divorce with consent. Arkesh has also contested the MLA election. He says that he will pay whatever expenses are ordered by the court in the case of divorce. He does not have that much money nor can he get tickets.

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