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Gang of robber brides caught, on wedding night they would make groom unconscious with drugs and run away with cash and jewelery

Seven arrested including three women of gang, used to trap unmarried people like this
Quarsi police station has arrested seven members of the gang including the bride who ran away with jewelery and cash after getting married in Aligarh, UP. In these, the bride was arrested from Palwal when she was preparing for another marriage. The arrested accused include the gang leader along with three women. Recently, the same gang had looted jewelery after marrying two youths of the metropolis. After that this gang reached Palwal. Another was trying to cheat by getting married. 
During the wedding itself, the Quarsi police arrived in pursuit. The arrested women also include two brides who, posing as brides, had stolen jewelery in Aligarh. Three days ago, such an incident had come to light with Manav Bansal and Dinesh of Saket Colony of Surendra Nagar of the metropolis. Both the families reached the police station and filed a case. It was reported that Manav was married to Neha on May 14 at Chamunda temple in Khurja. On May 15, the girl’s brother and sister-in-law took her away. The names of the brothers were said to be Sonu and Pradeep Sharma. During this time Neha also took jewelery and money. 
On May 17, everyone switched off their phones. Meanwhile, it came to light that a similar incident had happened with Dinesh also. He got married to Pooja on 16 May. She escaped on May 17 on the pretext of going to the market and took away the jewellery. Both of them got married by the same middleman gang for Rs 80-80 thousand. On the same day, the police registered a case and arrested the middlemen Bablu and Pushpa and sent them to jail. The search for the rest was going on.
Inspector Quarsi Vijaykant Sharma and his team were investigating this case. Meanwhile, it came to light that this gang had reached Palwal. Someone’s wedding is being organized there. From there, Anam alias Mahvish alias Neha, who was married with the name Simran, was arrested. They raided him along with him and arrested the remaining six people. During interrogation at the police station, it was revealed that the leader of this gang was arrested Pradeep Sharma. 
  These people roam around and through their contacts make victims of people who are not married. Later, they show someone from among their wives and make them like them and some become their brother and some become their sister-in-law. The bride then disappears with the jewellery, which is then divided among themselves. In Quarsi, Anam was married to Dinesh, while Pooja was married to Manav. Till now they have committed a dozen such incidents in UP, Rajasthan, Haryana etc. Earlier, a case was registered against these people in Jawan also.
While giving a press conference at Quarshi police station, CO III-ASP Amrit Jain and Inspector Quarshi told that these people come forward by changing their names. They falsify the Aadhaar card and reveal their address etc. One mobile number and one Aadhar card are used only once. The marriage is conducted with all the customs and rituals when the customer agrees. Within two to three days the women finish their game and leave. Details of other incidents committed by them are also being collected. Information is also being collected about other members of the gang.
During interrogation, the accused admitted that they used to render the groom unconscious by mixing intoxicating pills in food items. So that he cannot have a relationship. If necessary, she would make other family members unconscious as well. In this entire gang, six people are husband and wife. One of these women, Pooja, is a native of Ranchi. One is from Meerut. 
During police interrogation, Pradeep admitted that Pushpa met him while driving a Tirri. One day he was traveling in the rickshaw of Pushpa, a rickshaw driver. Then we became friends with him. During this conversation the entire gang was prepared.
These were arrested

  • Pradeep Sharma, son of Rajendra Prasad, resident of Jargawan police station, Ramghat district, Bulandshahr.
  • Danish S/O Chaman Nr. Zakir Nagar Street No. 14 Police Station Quarsi District Aligarh
  • Rajkumar alias Raju son of Atar Singh nr. Sauda Habibpur police station Kotwali Nagar Khurja Bushahar
  • Sanju, son of Niranjan, Nr. Telia Ghat, 25 Foot Street, Police Station, Kotwali Nagar, Khurja District, Bushahar.
  • Pooja wife Rajkumar alias Raju nr. Sauda Habibpur police station Kotwali Nagar Khurja Bushahar
  • Anjali alias Kamlesh, wife of Pradeep Sharma, resident of Jargawan police station, Ramghat district, Bulandshahr.
  • Anam alias Mahvish alias Neha alias Simran, wife of Danish, resident of Zakir Nagar, street no. 14, police station Quarsi, district Aligarh.
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