Haldwani bus stand will be shifted to another place for three years

Administrative building and bus stand are to be built in the bus stand under ‘Haldwani Integrated Urban Infrastructure Development Project’.

Haldwani. Haldwani bus stand will be shifted to another place for the next three years. For this, forest department land including three non-government schools in the city has been inspected. According to the officials, Mahatma Gandhi Inter College situated on Bareilly Road has been considered suitable for making a temporary bus stand of roadways. However, the school says that in the management meeting held recently, no consensus was reached regarding the construction of a bus stand. In this matter, Uttarakhand Urban Sector Development Agency (UUSDA) says that no written information has been given by the school management.
Project Manager Kuldeep Singh said that the Transport Corporation has been given 50 meters distance for the temporary bus stand. Length, 20 m. Wide land is required. The land on the grounds of MG Inter College is adequate accordingly. According to UUSDA, the new bus stand will be completed in a maximum of three years. In such a situation, the new location from which the operation will be carried out will be taken for three years.
In September, a joint team of departments like Roadways, Corporation etc. led by UUSDA first inspected the playground of HN Inter College located on FTI Road for making a temporary bus stand. After this, the forest department land located on Kriyashala Road was seen. The team later also reached MB Inter College grounds. The departments did not agree to build a bus stand in HN Inter College. It was refused there also because there were many green trees in the forest department land. Due to the road leading to the MB Inter College grounds being very narrow, the matter did not work out there either. Finally the team reached Mahatma Gandhi Inter College. All the departments agreed after getting sufficient land and transportation route here.
ARM Surendra Singh of Haldwani Roadways Station said that currently about 70 buses are operated from the bus stand. Similarly, there should be at least enough space in the temporary bus stand to accommodate 40 roadways buses daily. Whereas, 25 to 30 buses can be parked.
UUSDA project manager Kuldeep Singh said that under the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded ‘Haldwani Integrated Urban Infrastructure Development Project’, the administrative building and bus stand are to be built in the heart of the city. Whose cost is estimated to be around Rs 300 crore. The land of the old bus stand will be used to build the new bus stand. In such a situation, when the project work starts, roadways buses will have to be operated from another place. In this context, land is being searched.

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