If you are also planning to book heli ticket for Chardham Yatra, then first check the website.

STF closed 12 fake websites, if you see fake website then send screenshot on these numbers
Cyber police have closed 12 fake websites claiming to book heli tickets for Chardham Yatra. STF and cyber police station are also continuously receiving complaints. Due to this the police came into action and started marking the website. Last year 64 websites were closed. The number of websites closed since last year has reached 76.
Since last year, Yukaada had given the work of booking heli services to IRCTC. In the year 2022, cyber thugs had duped hundreds of people through many fake websites. After this, STF and Cyber ​​Station Police started identifying fake websites from the beginning last year. Fake websites were being shut down every day. Despite this, people also became victims of cyber fraud. In such a situation, STF had registered a case against the entire gang, whereas, 40 cases were registered in many cases in police stations and cyber police stations.
SSP STF Ayush Aggarwal said, this time too many complaints were received. Complaints were being received continuously in the districts also. In view of this, Cyber ​​Station Police has closed 12 websites so far.
Told that these websites are similar to the real websites and have created such URLs through which people can easily believe them. Everyone’s pages, mobile numbers etc. were recorded. SSP said, Cyber ​​Station Police and STF are continuously busy in identifying the website. The Union Home Ministry’s portal iForce is also getting full support in this work.
If you see a fake website, send screenshot to these numbers
SSP STF said, if anyone sees a fake website on the internet or there is a possibility of becoming a victim of fraud, then the information can be shared with the STF. People can also come to the office and complain. Along with this, their screenshot can also be sent on two numbers 9456591505 and 9412080875.
This website was closed
This is the real website

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