In Haldwani, such a Sardar who is everyone’s “helper”, today by becoming an angel again saved someone’s family

When he went out to distribute blankets on cold nights, he used to give water to thirsty people in summer.

Haldwani. There are all kinds of people in this place. People always remember the one who has humanity inside him. Heart beats to help people. One such person is in Haldwani. His name is Harbir Singh. Harbir Singh is the senior PCS officer of Uttarakhand. His heart is as brave as his name. To help the needy, he distributes blankets to the destitute in cold nights and quenches people’s thirst in summer. Everyone is helpful. Today, he once again became an angel for a family. Not only did she take the woman injured in a road accident to the hospital in her car, but also gave financial help of Rs 7,000 to the poor woman from her pocket.
Senior PCS officer Harbir Singh of Uttarakhand is currently the General Manager of Sugar Mill Bajpur. Harbir Singh was going to Haldwani in his car on Wednesday. A woman fell from her scooty on the road near Haldwani Mini Stadium. The woman’s scooty fell uncontrollably, which had a lot of injury to her leg. The crowd had become spectators. The woman was not in a condition to get up and drive her scooty to go to the hospital.
Harbir Singh stopped his car and with the help of people immediately took the woman to a private hospital in Haldwani by sitting in his car. Where he got treated. Woman Meena Kohli who is a resident of Kamaluvaganja. He is very weak financially. Due to the injury of the woman, there should be no effect on her livelihood, seeing this, Harbir Singh presented an example of humanity. The woman was given seven thousand rupees in cash as financial help, so that she does not face any problem. Also got complete treatment done. The injured woman thanked Harbir Singh and said that such officers are rarely found

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