In Nainital, the girl was taken to the hotel by her lover and not by a leopard, the forest department kept sifting through the ashes of the forest.

A young man from a particular community took her to the hotel pretending to be his niece, the girl’s location was traced through her mobile number.
After a girl went missing under suspicious circumstances in Talla Bagad, 21 km from Nainital, there was an atmosphere of leopard terror in the area for hours. After receiving information that the girl was abducted by a tiger or leopard, officials from Nainital to Dehradun, including the minister in charge, swung into action. More than 200 people kept searching the forests and donkeys for 24 hours, but after the missing girl was found in a hotel in Nainital, not only the villagers but also the officials were surprised.
Let us tell you that, according to the information given by the parents of the girl after her disappearance, the villagers and departmental officials expressed the possibility of the girl being taken away by a wild animal. But there were no signs of conflict between the wild animal and the girl on the spot. Due to which the matter started looking suspicious. Due to pressure from the villagers, the Forest Department remained busy in the investigation. During this time, apart from the forest department officers and employees, villagers also kept searching in the forest. The department had to stop the search operation after it started raining at 12 o’clock on Friday night. During the rain from 9.30 am on Saturday, the team again started searching in the forest while getting wet. Meanwhile, on Saturday also, 200 people including forest personnel from Naina Range, Kosi Range, Municipal Range and Manora Range of the Forest Department searched the forest since morning. After no clue of the girl was found, along with the Revenue Police, the regular police and SDRF team also reached the spot and started investigation. After interrogating the girl’s family and people, the police searched the girl in Nainital. Where the girl was found in the hotel.
During initial interrogation, the police came to know that a young man known to the girl, who had gone missing from Bagad village, told her that she was his niece and kept her in a hotel room in Nainital and went away. The young man told the hotel management that his niece had examinations and he needed a room for a month. After the consent from the hotel management, the young man also deposited the advance. It is learned that on Friday evening the concerned young man left the girl at the hotel and returned. Even after the recovery of the girl, the forest workers kept searching for the girl in the village for hours. Later the forest department officials called the employees back from the forest. After the recovery of the girl, the officials and villagers heaved a sigh of relief. Till late evening the police and administrative officials avoided giving any information about the arrested youth.
The matter of the girl’s disappearance in Bagad village near Nainital reached the minister in-charge Rekha Arya. The minister in charge immediately spoke to District Magistrate Vandana over telephone and gave instructions to transfer the case from the Revenue Police to the Regular Police. The minister in charge said that this incident has happened in the revenue area, hence it should be transferred to the civil police and all aspects of the incident should be investigated immediately and necessary action should be taken. The Minister in-charge had also given instructions to form a team of Forest Department and SDRF in the area and search for the girl.
SDM Pramod Kumar said that information was received that a wild animal had been taken away in Talla Bagad. After which a team of Forest Department and Revenue Department officials was sent to the spot. Where the search operation was conducted. But the girl’s mobile was not found. The girl’s location was traced by tracing her mobile number with the help of police. Due to which both the young man and the girl were found safe. Due to a missing person being registered earlier, a case is currently being registered against an unknown person. The girl has been interrogated and is currently scared. Further action will be taken only after inquiry. Said that it cannot be said yet whether the matter is of Love Jihad. Clear information can be given in the matter only after complete inquiry.

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