Killed a two and a half month old girl and hid her body in a plastic jar

The girl had disappeared while sleeping at night, the police is assuming a family dispute

Patna Just two and a half months old newborn was strangled to death. When the family members started looking for him, they could not find him. After a long search, everyone was shocked to see the dead body of the girl child inside the empty box of Dalde in the kitchen of the house. When this heart-wrenching reality came to the fore in Kadamkuan, Patna on Wednesday afternoon, people were stunned. Within no time, a crowd of people started gathering near the house. The police stopped people from coming inside the house. Immediately the FSL team was called. The family members of Anshu, who was killed and locked in a box at Road Number 2 house in Kajipur, are in agony.
According to father Bharat Kumar – When I woke up in the morning, the girl was not seen next to me. Even if I looked down around the bed, I could not find it. There was no sound coming from anywhere. Since 6:30 in the morning, we were frantically searching for the girl child. If not found, inform the police. The police also said after a lot of research to check everything at home. After this, after removing each and every thing, started looking, then found the dead body of the girl child in a plastic box in the kitchen. Bharat Kumar runs an egg shop in the Kadamkuan area itself. She also has a two-year-old son who is older than the girl.
On the spot, the inspector of Kadamkuan police station told that after searching inside the house, the dead body of the girl child was seen in a box near a cupboard next to the door. A noose mark has been found around the girl’s neck, from which it is clear that the murder was done by strangulation and then her body was kept in the box. The matter is being investigated. For this, the team of forensic science has been called. Kadamkuan police station in-charge said that the incident is being thoroughly investigated. He said that the reason behind the murder has not been revealed yet. This can happen in a mutual family dispute

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