Mixed farming can make mountain farmers self-sufficient

Scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra reached Makhaulia’s Kisan School
Scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gaina have appealed to the farmers of hilly areas to adopt mixed farming. While inspecting the Kisan Pathshala of KD Makhauliya located in Dhanoda, he said that purely organic agriculture can make the farmers self-reliant. Farmer Keshav Makhauliya has proved this.
KVK Gaina scientist Dr. GS Bisht, Dr. Alankar Singh, Dr. Mahendra Singh, Dr. Kanchan Arya, Dr. Kushwaha and MNREGA Ombudsman Jagdish Kaloni described Makhaulia Kisan Pathshala as a milestone for the farmers of the hilly region. In this school, ex-serviceman and progressive farmer KD Makhauliya has commercially grown many types of vegetables like peaches, plums, pears, walnuts, cinnamon, guava, apples, bananas, papayas as well as tomatoes, brinjals, chillies, okra, beans. produced. Cow rearing, bee keeping, poultry farming are also being done in this school. KVK scientists gave information about organic Jeevamrit to the present farmers and said that Jeevamrit is a miraculous remedy to protect agriculture and horticulture from pests. Appreciating the efforts of ex-serviceman Keshav Makhaulia, who successfully did organic mixed farming in small holdings, he appealed to the farmers to take advantage of this school.
During this, MNREGA Ombudsman Jagdish Kaloni appealed to the farmers to adopt organic agriculture and adopt this technique in MNREGA schemes. Former Dhanoda head Jagdish Makholia, cultivator Ravi Sharma, Jaman Singh Mudela, Ramesh Bhatt, Ramesh Kapri, Naveen Bhatt etc. were included in the programme

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