Modified vehicles will be seized, campaign will run across the state from Monday

Special campaign will be run against stunting and offroading vehicles by changing the original design of vehicles

Dehradun. In the desire to look different in the crowd, those who modify cars and bikes are not well now. It is illegal to make changes to the original design and look of the vehicle. The Transport Department is also going to tighten the noose against those who do this.
Rules have been made in the Motor Vehicles Act. Violation of which can result in heavy fine or imprisonment. After the death of a Doon resident biker in an accident on the Yamuna Expressway in Aligarh, the police, from the traffic police to the transport department, are in the dock.
By modifying the vehicles, they are fearlessly running on the road. Many vehicles have reached their end of life. But by modifying, from stunting to off-roading. Whereas every kind of modification in the vehicle is considered illegal.
However, there are some changes that can be made, but for that also permission from the Transport Department is necessary. These are also mentioned in the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle after the modification.
Under Section-52 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, there is a rule that no owner of a motor vehicle shall alter the vehicle in such a way that it is different from the original information written in the registration certificate. Action will be taken to seize modified vehicles by running a special campaign in the state from Monday.

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read the rules before modification
According to the Motor Vehicles Act-1988, it is a crime to modify almost all cars and bikes in India.

If any major change is made in the look of the vehicle, in which its design or look will appear different from the original design made by the manufacturer, then the owner of the vehicle can be held guilty.
For example, even seemingly minor modifications such as replacing bumpers or fenders completely, changing lights, changing silencers, etc., are illegal.
Changing the complete kit of the car or bike then the crime increases further.
Apart from this, black glass film (tinting) should also be avoided on the windows of the car.
The rule states that there should be 75 per cent visibility to the rear windscreen and 50 per cent visibility to the side windows.
There is also a ban on noisy silencers.
Changing the color of the vehicle is the biggest crime.
-Even if you do this, you will have to take permission from the RTO before that and change that color in your RC as well

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