Moon’s surface temperature is 70 degrees Celsius, minus 10 degrees below 10 centimeters from the surface

Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram Lander measured the surface temperature at the Moon’s South Pole
Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander has measured the surface temperature at the south pole of the Moon. ISRO told on Sunday that this is the first discovery of Chandrayaan-3, in which the soil was examined. In this, the temperature of the lunar surface was recorded up to 70 degrees Celsius, while the temperature just 10 cm below the surface was recorded as minus 10 degrees.
According to ISRO, the first observation was made from the Chandra Surface Thermophysical Experiment (Chest) payload mounted on ‘Vikram’. ISRO has shared the graph on this. Accordingly, as the payload increases in depth, fluctuations in surface temperature can be observed. ISRO scientist BHM Darukesha said, “We believed that the temperature on the surface could be 20 to 30 degrees, but it is 70 degrees.” When we go two to three centimeters inside the Earth, we see a variation of two to three degrees, while on the Moon this variation is about 50 degrees.

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