Mother returning home after withdrawing money from bank was robbed by monkey in Nainital Suyalbari

Binocular search for mischievous monkey, mother’s purse found in the bush, mother shed tears of joy seeing the money safe

Nainital. At Suyalbari on the Almora-Haldwani highway, a mother who was returning after withdrawing Rs 11,000 from a bank was robbed. The robbery was not done by a human but by a mischievous monkey. The monkey was searched with binoculars. After all, the monkey was not found after 4 days, but mother’s purse was found near a bush. Mother’s happiness knew no bounds after seeing the 11 thousand rupees kept in the purse safe.
Actually, there is terror of monkeys in the villages. Monkeys carry food items from inside the house. Not only this, they open the fridge and take out fruits. Now everyone was surprised by the incident of monkey robbery with mother. Devaki Devi, a resident of Sirsa village of Ramgarh block adjacent to the highway, was returning to the village after withdrawing money from the bank located at Suyalbari. On the way he was surrounded by a herd of monkeys. The herd of monkeys went away on the mother’s noise. But a mischievous monkey snatched the bag from mother’s hand. There were also 11 thousand rupees in the purse kept in the bag. Mother informed the villagers about the incident. In such a situation, the search for bags and purses started.
To help the mother, the people of the village started looking for the monkey. Almora resident Sunil Goswami started searching for the monkey in the hill with binoculars. The bag was seen on a sharp hill about 100 meters above. Local Balmukund Jeena and Ramesh Bisht climbed the hill and took the bag back to the market. Mother was informed. When he called from the village and returned the money kept in his purse to his mother, her eyes filled with tears. Mother thanked the villagers

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