Muni-ki-reti and Laxman Jhula area ready for G-20

New look given to Janki Setu to Ganga Ghats

Foreign guests will get a chance to get acquainted with the culture of Uttarakhand

MDDA Vice President Banshidhar Tiwari inspected the works being done by MDDA

Muni-ki-reti and Laxman Jhula area has been completely decorated for the second G-20 meeting to be held in Narendranagar on May 24-25. Foreign guests will attend the evening aarti of Ganga ji, then they will have a supernatural feeling amidst the flowing Ganga every day.
On Saturday, Vice President MDDA Banshidhar Tiwari inspected the works being done in Muni Ki Reti and Laxman Jhula area and gave necessary instructions.

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The entire area is decorated beautifully and artistically. Although there is a feeling of a different experience on the holy banks of Maa Ganga even in normal days, but adequate arrangements have also been made to introduce the foreign guests coming to participate in the G-20 to the culture of Uttarakhand. While the grand figure of Bajrang Bali ji on Janaki Setu will attract the guests, the decoration of the railings etc. on the Ganga Ghats is also attracting towards itself.

For the G-20, the first guests will come to Jollygrant Airport in Dehradun. Here beautiful figures have been engraved on the walls inside and outside the airport to give them a glimpse of the culture of Uttarakhand, while the works of landscape etc. have also been done afresh in the airport. The road leading from the airport to Narendra Nagar has also been well decorated. Similarly, in Pauri’s Muni ki Reti and Laxman Jhula, decorations have also been done from a new end. The idol of Mahadev situated in the middle of the Ganges will also be a big center of attraction

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