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Nomination in municipal bodies of Saharanpur district from tomorrow

915160 voters in 12 urban bodies will elect their representatives on May 4
The bugle has sounded for the elections of municipal bodies in the district. In the first phase, polling will be held on May 4 and counting of votes will be held on May 13. Nominations will be held from April 11 to April 17. The final list of reservation of municipal bodies has also been released. There are 915160 voters in 12 urban bodies of the district. Maximum 621450 voters are in Municipal Corporation and minimum 8905 voters are in Nagar Panchayat Teetar. There are 12 urban bodies in the district. There is one Municipal Corporation, four Municipal Councils and seven Nagar Panchayats. There are 264 wards in all the municipal bodies. 242 polling stations and 898 polling places will be set up for voting. Elections will be held in two phases in Uttar Pradesh. In the first phase in the urban bodies of the district, there is voting on May 4. The counting of votes will be done on May 13. There has been no change in the reservation of urban bodies of the district. Political parties have also increased their enthusiasm as soon as the election is announced. From the post of mayor to councilor in the municipal corporation and the candidates for the post of president and councilor in municipalities and nagar panchayats, the claimants have intensified their activism.

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Position of voters in urban bodies

  • Body Ward – Polling Station – Polling Station – Voter
  • Municipal Corporation Saharanpur-70-141-553-621450
  • Municipality Gangoh-25-18-63-51984
  • Municipality Deoband-25-22-89-80992
  • Municipality Nakud-25-07-26-19906
  • Municipality Sarsawa-25-07-26-18192
  • Nagar Panchayat Ambehta Pir-12-03-12-13101
  • Nagar Panchayat Nanauta-13-05-26-20837
    Nagar Panchayat Behat-13-07-20-16942
  • Nagar Panchayat Chilkana-13-04-15-14950
  • Nagar Panchayat Teetron-11-08-11-8905
  • Nagar Panchayat Rampur Maniharan-17-13-36-29872
  • Nagar Panchayat Chhutmalpur-15-07-21-18029
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Status of reservation of posts of mayor and president in municipal bodies
Municipal Corporation Saharanpur Backward Classes
Municipality Sarsawa Scheduled Caste Women
Municipality Nakur Unreserved
Municipality Gangoh Backward Classes Women
Municipality Deoband Unreserved
Nagar Panchayat very unreserved
Nagar Panchayat Chilkana Backward Classes
Nagar Panchayat Pheasants Unreserved
Nagar Panchayat Rampur Maniharan Scheduled Caste Women
Nagar Panchayat Chhutmalpur Unreserved
Nagar Panchayat Nanauta Mahila
Nagar Panchayat Ambehta Pir Backward Class Women

Nomination will be done from 11th April. Voting is to be held on May 4. The district administration is preparing for the municipal elections. Akhilesh Singh, District Magistrate

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