Now ban on entry into world famous Kainchidham temple by wearing modest clothes

Devotees will not be able to even do photography inside the temple, the temple committee issued orders
. Devotees will now be able to enter Kainchidham temple only in limited clothes. Devotees who come to visit Baba Nib Karauli in loose clothes will not be given entry. Apart from this, photography has also been banned inside the temple.
Sign boards have been installed outside and around Kainchidham by the temple committee, so that the devotees can get information about the decision of the temple committee. Pradeep Sah Bhayyu of the temple committee told that talking on mobile inside the temple, making photos and videos from mobile is prohibited. Said, you can silence the mobile even before entering inside the temple. Action will be taken against the devotee if caught while doing photography. Sign boards have also been installed by the temple committee around the premises. He has appealed that the devotees should visit Baba wearing decent clothes and seek Baba’s blessings. Don’t visit wearing unlimited indecent clothes. Said all the devotees should maintain the sanctity of the temple. Kainchi’s village head Pankaj Nigaltiya told that devotees continuously make photography videos after refusing in the temple. The committee has put up a sign board and appealed to visit the temple only wearing modest clothes.

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