Now curfew will remain only in Banbhulpura police station area, schools in other places will open from Monday.

25 miscreants arrested with weapons in Haldwani violence, more than 90 suspects put in temporary jail
The district administration has issued an order regarding curfew on Sunday. According to DM Vandana, now curfew will remain in Banbhulpura police station area only. Other areas will remain curfew free. Zonal Magistrate and GM of Kumaon Mandal Development Corporation AP Vajpayee said that except Banbhulpura police station area, schools and Anganwadi centers will open from Monday.
The examinations of Kumaon University and Uttarakhand Open University (UOU) will also start from Monday. Controller of Examinations of UOU said that the examinations of UOU will be conducted as per the schedule from February 12 in LBS Haldu Chaud, MBPG Haldwani and Government Degree College Ramnagar.
Information about the new date regarding the papers canceled on 9th and 10th February will be released from the university website. Let us inform that due to curfew from Thursday evening, all government and private schools up to class 12 in Haldwani area were closed. Due to disrupted internet service, students were also deprived of online studies.
The police have put all their strength into identifying the miscreants. More than 90 suspects detained for questioning in the Haldwani violence have been put by the police in a temporary jail built in Gaulapar. Police is matching the faces of all these people with CCTV footage, photos and videos. Along with this, other evidence is also being collected.
The police is continuously trying to identify the miscreants. The process of arresting the miscreants is continuing. On Sunday, 30 people were released by the police after questioning. On the other hand, raids have been conducted again and more than 30 people have been detained for questioning. The police have set up a temporary jail in a school in Gaulapar Kunwarpur to keep them. More than 90 people have been kept in this jail. According to police sources, many miscreants have also provided some evidence to the police. The police is looking for links to these miscreants. SSP Prahlad Narayan Meena says that 12 teams are continuously making arrests. Soon the police will arrest the miscreants and the mastermind.
Police are scanning the call details and mobile phones of the suspects. According to police sources, the police have seized more than 150 photos and videos from the mobile. The call details of the arrested accused are being scrutinized. Police have also found numbers of people living in Bareilly, UP in some mobile phones. There were continuous talks with these numbers before and after the violence.

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