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Panchayat decree, mother of three children will be with lover, husband will also be with her

Panchayat of two villages sitting on the recovery of absconding woman with lover, decision outside the police station

Amroha. A strange case of love affair has come to the fore. Here the mother of three children eloped with a young man. After three days, when the police found both of them, she insisted to stay with her lover. The husband was also not ready to leave the wife. Panchayats of both the villages sat in the matter. Neither the married woman wanted to leave the lover nor the husband was leaving the wife. The lover also wanted to be with the woman. When the panchayat ordered the lover to keep her husband and all the three children with her, she agreed.
The case pertains to a village in Didoli Kotwali area. The mother of three children, a resident of Didoli village, was having a love affair with a young man from another village in the same area. Two days back, in the absence of her husband, the married woman eloped with her lover leaving the children alone at home. The husband, who failed to find his wife, gave the information in Didoli police station.
On receiving the Tahrir, the police called the married woman and her lover to the police station under pressure. Later, along with her husband, the heads of both the villages also came to Kotwali. It is said that in the meanwhile, panchayats of both the parties gathered outside the Kotwali to resolve the issue through talks. The married woman, who reached the panchayat, flatly refused to go back to her in-laws house with her husband.
On the other hand, the husband also refused to end the relationship with her citing the upbringing of the children. Seeing the issue getting complicated, the Panchayat found a middle way with the consent of both the parties. When both the husband and the lover were not ready to leave the married woman, a middle way was found. The lover agreed to keep the woman’s children and husband with him. On the other hand, after this no legal action has been taken in the matter. The matter was resolved outside the police station itself

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