Pitru Paksha starts from 29th September, Pitru Visarjan will happen on 14th October, perform Shraddha like this

By offering tarpan to ancestors, Pitra Dosh is removed, Shraddha of Dwitiya and Tritiya Tithi will be held on the same day on 1st October (Sunday).

Haldwani. Pitru Paksha (Mahlaya) has special significance in Hindu religion and it starts from Friday, 29th September. On this day, Shraddha Tarpan will be performed on Purnima and on the next day i.e. Saturday, Shraddha Tarpan will be performed on Pitripaksha Pratipada Tithi (First).
According to the sages, the basis of date and time (day) for Shraddha in Pitru Paksha depends on the time of Madhya Grahya. Due to this, Shraddha of Dwitiya and Tritiya Tithi will be held on the same day on 1st October (Sunday).
At the same time, Pitru Visarjan will conclude with the offering of Shraddha on Amavasya and unknown date on Saturday, 14th October. Acharyas told that during Pitru Paksha, there is a tradition of offering tarpan for the peace of the souls of the ancestors who leave their bodies, which is called Shraddha.
Shraddha i.e. a work done with devotion, it is believed that Yamraj, the god of the mortal world, frees the soul, so that it can go to its relatives and receive the offerings. Ancestors are remembered during Pitru Paksha. Description about its importance is also found in the Puranas.
According to the astrologer, by offering offerings to ancestors during Pitru Paksha, Pitra Dosh is removed. It is said that due to Pitra Dosh in the birth chart, a person has to face many problems. People who have this defect in their horoscope face obstacles in every work. There is also a lack of respect. The accumulated capital gets destroyed and diseases etc. also spread.
What is the importance of Shraddha
By performing Shraddha and Tarpan during Pitru Paksha, one gets the blessings of the ancestors. Due to which one gets relief from the problems coming in life. It is believed that in case of not performing Shraddha, the soul does not get complete liberation, hence the soul keeps wandering.
when did it start
According to Varanasi Panchang, Purnima Tithi starts from 6:18 pm on 28th till 4:02 pm on 29th. Purnima and Shraddha of Nandi Matamah will be held on 29th itself. Next day on 30th (Saturday) there is Shraddha of Pratipada Tithi (till 1.58 pm). Shraddha of Dwitiya and Tritiya (both dates) is on Sunday 1st October. The basis of Tithi, Vaar (day) for Shraddha in Pitru Paksha depends on the time of Madhya Graha, hence the dates of Shraddha increase or decrease this time.
Why only water and sesame seeds? Tarpan is done with water and sesame seeds (Devanna) in Shraddha Paksha. That which supports us from birth till salvation is water. Moles have been called Devanna. Only this gives satisfaction to the ancestors.
Shraddha is for three generations only. Shraddha is for three generations only. According to religious scriptures, when the Sun enters Virgo, the ancestors from the other world come back to their relatives. The ancestors of three generations are counted in godlike status. Father is considered equal to Vasu, Rudra is equal to grandfather and great grandfather is equal to Aditya. One reason behind this is that human memory is limited to only three generations.
Who can perform Tarpan: Son, grandson, nephew, nephew, anyone can perform Shraddha. Those who do not have any male member in their house but are in the daughter’s family, then the daughter-in-law and son-in-law can also perform Shraddha.
Crow, dog and cow are considered symbols of Yama. The cow is said to have crossed the Styx. The crow has been said to be a prophet and the dog a sign of evil. Therefore, food is also given to them during Shraddha. Since we do not know in which life our ancestors went after death, food is symbolically offered to cows, dogs and crows.
How to perform Shraddha
● First take out the parts of crow, dog and cow symbolizing Yama (put some parts of all the food items in it)
● Then take milk, water, sesame seeds and flowers in a vessel. Offer tarpan three times with kush and black sesame seeds. Keep reading Om Pitrudevatabhyo Namah.
● Take out clothes etc. whatever you want and donate them for the ancestors.
subtle method
If people live in remote areas, materials are not available, or arrangements for offering tarpan are not made, the ancestors can be satisfied through a simple solution. Stand facing south. Point the thumb of your right hand towards the earth. Read 11 times..Om Tasmai Swadha Namah. This will be your tribute to your ancestors.

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