Poet Sumitranandan Pant is still relevant in the era of Internet, Instagram and WhatsApp

The 124th birth anniversary of Sumitranandan Pant, the famous poet of Chhayavad, was celebrated in his native village Sunrakot.

Giving a new direction to the society by connecting with our land and forest is the need of the hour, otherwise our mountains will not survive: Tiwari

Almora. On the 124th birth anniversary of Sumitranandan Pant, the famous poet of Chhayavad, a program was organized in his native village Sunrakot. After lighting the lamp, the guests inaugurated the program by singing melodious invocation by poet Kanchan Tiwari. All the guests paid tribute by remembering Sumitranandan Pant.
Poet Sumitranandan Pant’s village is near Patlibagad on Someshwar Marg in Almora district. On the birth anniversary, the students of Government Inter College Kamleshwar presented Vandana and welcome song. The chief guest was Block Pramukh Babita Bhakuni. It was presided over by Lal Singh Seunri, president of Sumitranandan Pant Memorial Committee. Among the special guests were Tribhuvan Giri Maharaj, editor of Purvasi, a well-known painter, litterateur and hookah club Almora, Awadhesh Prasad Pant from Dehradun, PC Tiwari, president of UPPA, village head Geeta Sunri. While the main speakers were litterateur Meenu Joshi, director of Aman Sanstha Raghu Tiwari, famous singer Lata Pandey, folk singer Diwan Kanwal, folk singer Sheela Pant.
Folk singer Lata Pandey recited poet Pant’s poem “Main Mutthi Bhar Bhar Bant Sakoon” and gave a scintillating rendition of the famous song “Swarg Tara Junali Raata”. Uppa’s central president PC Tiwari congratulated poet Pant on his birthday and said that today it is the need of the hour to give a new direction to the society by connecting with our land and forests, otherwise our mountains will not survive.
Editor of Pahru Kumaoni magazine Dr. Hayat Singh Rawat called upon everyone to speak Kumaoni and save their culture and civilization. Founder of Aman Sanstha Raghu Tiwari said in his speech that it is a matter of pride that poet Pant is still relevant in the time of Internet, Instagram and WhatsApp.
Chief speaker Meenu Joshi gave a detailed lecture on Sumitranandan Pant’s personality/work and his literary contribution. Presented self-composed song “Prakriti Ke Sukumar Tum Phir Se Padharo”. Folk singer Diwan Kanwal composed the only Kumaoni poem of poet Pant and presented it in a melodious voice, listening to the song “Saar Jangav Mein Twai Jai Kwai Naah Re Kwai Naah” all the listeners became emotional.
Folk singer Sheela Pant won applause by singing a Nyoli and a beautiful Kumaoni song. AAP party worker Shamsher Aryan recited a Kumaoni song. Haldwani state agitator Neeraj Pant, poet Kanchan Tiwari, Awadhesh Prasad Pant, Bipin Chandra Pant, Anand Singh Bisht, poetess Bina Chaturvedi, poet Prafulla Pant enthralled the gathering with their compositions. Famous litterateur and painter special guest Tribhuvan Giri Maharaj while addressing the children called upon the children to write a poem on the subject “Bharat Kapav Mein Hindi Chandan Sumitranandan Sumitranandan” and awarding Rs.501.00 (Five Hundred One) to the best poem. also announced.
Sumitranandan Pant’s grandson Sudhanshu Pant expressed gratitude for organizing the event. Chief Guest Block Head Hawalbag Babita Bhakuni said that I want to be a part of this program every year. He announced Rs 1.5 lakh for the construction of toilets.
Many villagers and children including Poonam, Rakesh Pant, village head Kasoon Sundar Singh Matiani, Diwan Matiani, Darban Singh, Kundan Singh Seunari, Narendra Bankoti, Chandra Prakash Bisht, Chitra Pant participated in the programme. Program Coordinator and Director Principal Neeraj Pant announced award of 5100.00 (Fifty One Hundred Rupees) every year to any one litterateur from the coming year, which was welcomed by everyone by clapping.
Secretary of the organization, former senior chief Hawalbagh Anand Singh Dangwal expressed gratitude to the guests. Expressed special gratitude to the outgoing District Magistrate of Almora, Vandana, that she got many works done in Sunrakot by taking personal interest. In which Rs 13 lakh was sanctioned for the renovation of the tunnels at Syunrakot, Rs 5 lakh for the link road of poet Sumitranandan Pant’s village, Rs 27 lakh for the renovation of Sumitranandan Pant’s ancestral house. Secretary Mr. Dangwal expressed special gratitude to block chief Babita Bhakuni that she had sanctioned Rs. 2 lakh for tinshed last year. Expressed gratitude to District Panchayat member Mahesh that he provided Rs 1 lakh for the construction of the wall last year. Committee chairman Lal Singh Sayunri thanked everyone and announced the end of the program.

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