Protested against Pod Taxi and Harki Paidi Corridor by ringing bells

Traders demonstrated in Upper Road, accused of destroying traders in the name of development

Haridwar. District President of Provincial Industry Trade Board DrTraders, in conjunction with Neeraj Singhal and District General Secretary Sanjay Triwal, demonstrated on Upper Road, accusing the government of preparing plans to destroy traders in the name of development. The traders did the work of waking up the government by ringing bells. District President DrNeeraj Singhal said that the traders are mentally disturbed. The administration is not giving correct information to the traders in the name of pod car. But the Chief Minister of the state Pushkar Singh Dhami has asked the traders to discuss with the traders before the pod car scheme. He is welcome. Neeraj Singhal said that the religious and cultural heritage of the city may be threatened by the redevelopment plan. Haridwar is a religious city. Redevelopment plan is not good for the city. He said that in the interests of the traders, the Provincial Industries Board will continue to warn the government. The government should take decisions in the interests of traders. Neeraj Singhal said that the corridor plan should be in the interest of the city. The corridor should be made outside the city. So that the business is not affected. The government should take the opinion of the traders. General Secretary Sanjay Triwal said that business should not be affected in the name of development. There is a need to have a detailed discussion with the traders before implementing the pod car plan as well as the corridor plan. The government needs to pay more attention to the intentions of the traders. He said that no businessman will be allowed to be harmed. He said that the new thing is also coming to the fore that now the city will be developed in the name of re-development. In such a situation, the businessman is mentally disturbed. The government should take decisions in the interests of traders. The businessman always cooperates with the government. Vinay Triwal, Pantrapradumatra Bhagat, Gopal Das, Sunil Kumar, Pawan Sukhija, Gagan Gugnani, Ajay Rawal, Vishal Maheshwari, Rajesh Agarwal, Suraj Kumar, Suresh Shah, Sanjeev Saxena, Anand Fauji, Rajeev Sharma, Mahesh Kumar, Aman Kumar Sahil Sharma, Dharmendra Shah etc. were present

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