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Rahul Gandhi filed nomination from Rae Bareli seat, huge enthusiasm shown in the procession, watch video

Rae Bareli. Rahul Gandhi has filed nomination from Rae Bareli seat. This morning itself the seats for Amethi and Rae Bareli were announced by Congress. Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination at the Collectorate at around 2:15 pm. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Telangana CM Revanth Reddy and former Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot were present with Rahul.
This morning itself Rahul Gandhi reached Fursatganj from Delhi by special plane. From there came to Rae Bareli via Amethi. After offering puja at the central Congress office in Rae Bareli, Rahul’s nomination procession took place. A huge crowd participated in this procession. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had to attend this puja and go to file his nomination in a chariot-like open truck, but seeing the delay in filing his nomination, he left directly in his closed vehicle.
Rahul Gandhi’s nomination procession started from the Congress central office at Hathi Park. The procession reached the Collectorate via Feroze Gandhi Square. A huge crowd was seen in this procession. The enthusiasm of the workers was at its peak. Congressmen kept talking about making Rahul victorious with record votes. SP workers were also seen along with Congress in this procession.
BJP candidate Dinesh Pratap Singh will face the Gandhi family for the second consecutive time on the high profile Rae Bareli parliamentary seat. Dinesh Pratap Singh filed his nomination shortly before Rahul Gandhi’s nomination. In 2019, Dinesh Pratap Singh had contested the elections against Sonia Gandhi. He had once challenged Congress but had lost the elections. In 2018, Dinesh Pratap Singh left Congress and joined BJP. Sonia Gandhi got 5,31,918 votes. BJP candidate Dinesh Pratap Singh got 3,67,740 votes. Dinesh Pratap lost by 1,64,178 votes, but he reduced Sonia Gandhi’s victory margin.
Before going to Rajya Sabha, MP Sonia Gandhi had written a touching letter to the people of Rae Bareli, which went viral on social media. Since then, speculations have been rife that someone from the Gandhi family will definitely contest the elections from Rae Bareli. Priyanka Gandhi’s name was doing the rounds from here, but on this occasion, it was announced that her brother Rahul Gandhi would contest the elections.
MP till now from Rae Bareli
1952- Firoz Gandhi (Congress)
1958- Firoz Gandhi (Congress)
1962- Brajlal (Congress)
1967- Indira Gandhi (Congress)
1971- Indira Gandhi (Congress)
1977- Rajnarayan (BKD)
1980- Indira Gandhi (Congress)
1981-Arun Nehru (Congress) by-election
1984- Arun Nehru (Congress)
1989- Sheela Kaul (Congress)
1991- Sheela Kaul (Congress)
1996- Ashok Singh (BJP)
1998- Ashok Singh (BJP)
1999- Captain Satish Sharma(Congress)
2004- Sonia Gandhi (Congress)
2006-Sonia Gandhi (Congress) by-election
2009- Sonia Gandhi (Congress)
2014-Sonia Gandhi (Congress)
2019-Sonia Gandhi (Congress)

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