Raids in 49 schools of education department in Nainital district, served notice

Revealed in the raid: Most of the books of private publications were being ordered in the syllabus of 20 schools.

Haldwani. The new academic session has started. The Education Department has started action on the complaint of arbitrariness of private schools. On the arbitrariness of private schools, on the orders of the government, on Saturday, the team of the Education Department inspected the schools across the district. In which about 20 such schools were found, who have asked for books of mostly private publications in the syllabus. The department has marked these schools and handed over notices.
The books of private publishers, which are ordered by many private schools, are loosening their pockets. The cost of books from private publishers is much higher than NCERT books. Whereas according to the rules, if any school orders books from private publishers, then the price of that book should be equal to the price of NCERT books. But contrary to all the issues, unnecessary burden is being put on the parents by the private schools.
The education department has become active after the parents’ complaint and instructions from the government. On Saturday, 13 teams of the Education Department inspected the schools in the district and the books of NCERT and private publications were checked. In the district, 49 schools were inspected, in which 20 schools were found to be mostly asking for books of private publications in the syllabus. Of these, 13 in Haldwani, 4 in Ramnagar, 2 in Nainital and one school in Kotabagh have come to the notice of arbitrariness in the name of books. The department has identified these schools and if the department believes, action will be taken against these schools soon.
After receiving complaints about the arbitrariness of private schools, on Saturday, 13 teams in the district inspected the schools and checked the books of NCERT and private publications, those schools which were asking for books of private publications were marked. Is. Soon action will be taken against these schools.

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Set of books coming in 5 to 10 thousand rupees
Arbitrariness is being done openly in the name of annual fees, tuition fees etc. At the same time, instead of NCERT books, many schools are demanding expensive books of private publications from the parents, defying the government and the education department. Which is directly affecting the pocket of the parents. The arbitrariness of public schools can be gauged from the fact that the cost of a set of books for pre-nursery, nursery and LKG children is coming to Rs 5 to 10 thousand

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