Railways changed the timing of these trains coming and going from Dehradun, new time table will be implemented from 12 midnight on 30th September.

Haridwar. Railways has changed the timing of trains coming and going from Dehradun. The new timetable will come into effect from Sunday. The timing of departure of most of the passenger trains after reaching and stopping at the station has been changed. The new time table has come into effect today, September 30, at 12 noon. More than 20 trains of Moradabad, Dehradun and Moradabad, Saharanpur routes will now run on the changed timings accordingly.
Rishikesh to Haridwar passenger will run 5 minutes earlier than the usual time. The timing of Kotdwar from Najibabad has advanced by 30 minutes. It will run minutes earlier from Pilibhit to Shahjahanpur and from Shahjahanpur to Pilibhit. The timing of Ramnagar to Moradabad, Moradabad to Rampur Express has been extended by 40 minutes and Kathgodam to Dehradun Naini Jan Shatabdi Express has been extended by 10 minutes. Moradabad Sambhal Hatim Sarai DEMU will run 10 minutes before the old time. The timing of Aligarh Gajraula Gajraula Express has also been delayed by 5 minutes. Timings of 3 other trains between Najibabad Kotdwar have also been extended by ten minutes.
Lahori Express from Dehradun to Amritsar earlier used to run at 7:05 in the evening. Which will now depart with a delay of 25 minutes at 7.30. Earlier, on different days of the week, Uttaranchal Express from Dehradun to Okha, Ujjaini to Ujjain and Indore Express to Indore used to run at 5.50 pm. Which will now run five minutes late at 5:55. These three trains run on different days of the week.
Similarly, timings of incoming trains have also been changed. Link Express coming from Subedarganj used to reach Dehradun at 3.15 pm, which will arrive at 12.20 pm. Ujjaini Express coming from Ujjain to Dehradun, Indori Express coming from Indore to Dehradun and Uttaranchal Express coming from Okha to Dehradun earlier used to reach Dehradun at 7.45 pm. Janta Express coming from Varanasi to Dehradun used to reach Dehradun at 6.25 am, which will now reach Dehradun with a delay of ten minutes at 6.35 am.
public will be canceled for five days
Jatna Express running between Dehradun and Varanasi will not operate from October 2 to October 7. The train has been canceled due to repair work on the railway track. Due to this, passengers will have to face problems and tickets booked in advance will have to be cancelled.

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