Railways reduced the increased passenger fare during the Corona period

Now minimum fare is Rs 10, big relief to passengers
. Giving relief to local passengers, Northern Railway has now implemented the old slab fare. Railways has updated the new fare from 12:00 midnight. Due to this, the fares of passenger trains have decreased by 50 percent.
Railway passengers will get relief from this decision. Now, to go to Saharanpur, the passenger train ticket will be available at Rs 15 instead of Rs 35, while the ticket for Moradabad will be available at Rs 35 instead of Rs 65.
In the year 2019, during the Corona period, all the express and passenger trains were stopped by the Railways, while in 2020, some express trains were run as mail express by adding zero and the fare was increased by 3 times. Now the minimum fare has again become Rs 10. Earlier the fare from Laksar to Dosni was Rs 20, now the fare has become Rs 10.
45 to 20 of Dehradun, 30 to 10 of Haridwar, 35 to 15 of Rishikesh, 30 to 10 of Jwalapur, 20 to 10 of Pathri, 30 to 10 of Raiwala, 35 to 20 of Doiwala, 30 to 10 of Chudiyala, Roorkee Railway. 30 to 10 of the station, 35 to 15 of Ballia Khedi Railway Station, 30 to 10 of Najibabad Railway Station, 45 to 25 of Dhampur Railway Station, 65 to 35 of Moradabad Railway Station, 50 to 25 of Seohara Railway Station, Nagina Railway Station The old slab has gone from Rs 40 to Rs 20.
Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Coaching Sudhir Singh said that at many railway stations the system was charging fares as per the old slab with delay. Now gradually the system has started charging fare as per the old slab at all railway stations.

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