Rain wreaks havoc in Bairagad village of Pauri’s Sindudi, 200 villagers save their lives by running away

21 residential buildings damaged due to debris, 22 families left their homes in Balli’s Matial Tok of Kotdwar.

Kotdwar. The rains created havoc in Bairagad village of Sindudi Gram Panchayat of Pauri district. With the boom of the drain, big stones and debris reached the village. Due to this 21 residential buildings were damaged. Of these, three buildings collapsed completely, eight were buried under debris, while 10 were rendered uninhabitable due to cracks. About 200 villagers somehow saved their lives by running away.
The district administration is assessing the damage by sending teams of revenue, agriculture, panchayat and drinking water departments. Camping in Mohanchatti of Yamkeshwar block of Pauri district has been banned till further orders. The Badrinath Yatra route opened in the afternoon after 18 hours due to landslides, but was blocked again in the evening at Pipalkoti in Chamoli.
The flow of water had started increasing in the Kutkattli drain near Bairagad village, after about 11:30 in the night, the drain came in spate. A large number of villagers had already left their homes and gone to safer places, some later escaped and saved their lives by taking precautions. Some of them took shelter in the houses of relatives in the nearby areas, some spent the night on the Bairagad bridge and drinking water tank. During this, there was also a power cut in the area. The debris and stones that came with the boom changed the geography of the village in no time. More than 40 families live in this village, there are some camps nearby. According to the Kshetra Panchayat member, there was a boom in the drain here on the 8th, 9th and 13th of this month.
Cracks in buildings of Matial Tok as well Due to rain, cracks have appeared in many buildings in Matial Tok of Gram Sabha Bally, near Kotdwar in Pauri district. The administration has asked 22 families living here to vacate the building and go to safer places. Due to landslide in Gram Panchayat Urticha, the building of Kanya Junior High School came under threat.

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