Rishikesh to Karnaprayag train will start running by the end of 2026

Track laying work will start by June, tender process for station construction in August
Nearly 70 percent of the work of digging tunnels in the Rishikesh-Karnprayag rail line project of national and strategic importance has been completed. Railway Development Corporation says that the work of digging the tunnels will be completed by the year 2025. RVNL claims that the train will start running by the end of 2026.
On Friday, Ajit Singh Yadav, Chief Project Manager of Rishikesh-Karnprayag Rail Line Project, spoke to journalists in the Railway Vikas Nigam (RVNL) premises. He said that there is no negligence in safety parameters during the construction work. The work has been given to experienced companies.
Out of total 213 km of main and auxiliary tunnels, 153 km have been excavated. The total length of the main tunnels is 104 km. Out of which 75 km has been excavated. Yadav said that all the supporting tunnels will be connected to the highway. So that if necessary, the passengers can be evacuated directly to the highway. Said, under social responsibility, works costing more than Rs 1 crore are being carried out in various areas. On this occasion, DGM OP Malgudi, geoscientist Vijay Dangwal, Hemendra Kumar, Bhupendra Singh etc. were present.
Ajit Singh Yadav said that efforts are being made to start the track laying work by the month of June. The tender process for laying the track is going on. The technical bid has been opened on 20th February. After its review, financial bids will also be opened in the month of April. After one or two months the work of laying the track will be allotted. Said, there are a total of 16 railway bridges in the project, out of which the railway bridges of Chandrabhaga, Gular, Lakshmoli and Srinagar have been completed. The construction work of the remaining 12 bridges has also been 50 percent completed.
Under its CSR fund, RVNL is strengthening the 10 km long Kirtinagar Janasu Motorway and about 14 km long Devprayag-Pauri Motorway. Officials said that along with asphalting, protective works will be done on both these routes. The work of both the motorways is being done at a cost of about Rs 25 crore. Nearly 50 percent of the work on Kirtinagar-Janasu motor road has been completed. Whereas work on Devprayag-Pauri motor road will be started soon. CPM Ajit Singh Yadav said that there are a total of 12 stations in the project. Out of which Virbhadra and Yoganagari railway stations have been completed. Now 10 stations are to be built. The tender process for station construction will be completed by August. Big stations include Srinagar and Karnaprayag. Some parts of Janasu and Devprayag stations are inside the tunnel. All other stations are outside the tunnel.

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