Shuttle service started for devotees in Jageshwar Dham, fare from Artola to Jageshwar is Rs 20

Service started to get rid of traffic jam within a radius of three km due to increasing pressure of vehicles
Shuttle service has been started in Jageshwar Dham in view of the increasing number of tourists. Devotees will be able to reach Jageshwar Dham from Artola only by shuttle taxi. A devotee will have to pay a fare of Rs 20 for one side. 20-20 shuttle taxis will be operated for two days on weekends and 12 on other days. Their number may also increase or decrease depending on the number of tourists.
As soon as the tourist season starts, crowd of tourists has started gathering in the world famous Jageshwar Dham. Every day three to four thousand tourists from the country and abroad are reaching here to enjoy the beauty of Jageshwar Dham as well as to have darshan of Baba Jagannath. Due to increasing pressure of vehicles, there is a jam within a radius of three km from Artola to Jageshwar, devotees and tourists are struggling with this. Shuttle service has been started in Jageshwar from Saturday to get rid of this problem.  Devotees from Artola will travel to the Dham only by shuttle taxis. On the first day, 20 shuttle taxis were operated on the weekend.
There is a plan to operate 12 shuttle taxis on other days. The number of shuttle taxis can be increased or decreased depending on the number of tourists and devotees. A one-way fare of Rs 20 will be charged from a devotee. Elderly devotees can reach Jageshwar Dham by their own vehicle. The driver will have to drop the elderly devotee at Jageshwar and immediately bring the vehicle back to Artola, where vehicle parking will be arranged. Danya SHO Vijay Negi said that devotees who have made advance booking of hotels will also be able to reach Jageshwar by their own vehicle. If there is no parking facility in the hotel, then the concerned vehicle will have to be brought back to Artola parking.
The service will be operated from 5 am to 8 pm
Almora. Shuttle service will be operated in Jageshwar Dham from 5 am to 8 pm. Earlier, in the administration meeting regarding the service, it was decided to operate the service 24 hours a day, which was opposed by local businessmen. In view of the protest, the police-administration had to make changes in it.

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