Take out tenders for Kanwar works in a week, make the work smooth: Garbyal

The District Magistrate reviewed the Kawand Mela preparations with the officials
Under the chairmanship of District Magistrate Dhiraj Singh Garbyal, a meeting was organized on Monday in the Collectorate Auditorium regarding the preparations for the Kanwar fair starting from July 4. Senior Superintendent of Police Ajay Singh also attended the meeting.
In the meeting, Additional District Magistrate (Administration) PL Shah, while highlighting the agenda points of the Kanwar Mela in detail through the presentation, informed that all the departments have submitted the expenditure estimate of the work of their respective departments related to the Kanwar Mela, which is Sent to the government for approvalIs.In the meeting, District Magistrate Dhiraj Singh Garbyal specially discussed with the officers of the Irrigation Department about the repair of Kanwar track, cutting of bushes, cleaning of ghats and arrangement of chains. The District Magistrate directed the officials of the Irrigation Department to make sure to include arrangements for toilets, electricity etc. while tendering for parking in order of the instructions given in the past regarding parking and where in the parking lot should be the entry gate and where the exit gate. Will happen in relation to etcMake sure to coordinate with the police and related departments.On this, the officials of the Irrigation Department informed that the patch work work has been started on the Kawand track.
The District Magistrate, while discussing about the use of hill bye pass, Chila Marg, protection from wild animals and repair of Chandidevi, Mansa Devi footpath during the Kanwar fair, instructed the officials of the forest department that during the Kanwar fair, the hill bye pass Process of use and Chandidevi, Mansa Devi footpathMake sure to complete all tasks on time including repairs.The District Magistrate instructed the officials of the Electricity Department to make proper lighting arrangements in all the areas during the fair. The District Magistrate instructed the officials of Jal Sansthan and Drinking Water Corporation to make proper arrangements for drinking water in the entire fair area, Kanwari’s resting place, Kanwar track and various parking places. He directed Municipal Corporation Haridwar and Roorkee to ensure special attention on cleanliness, water arrangement etc. in the entire Municipal Corporation areas.
The District Magistrate took detailed information from the Chief Medical Officer about the number of medical camps to be set up in the entire Kanwar Mela area, arrangements for ambulances, the number of government and private hospitals and the number of beds in them, arrangements for medicines, etc. during the fair and directed that Of the KanwariyasAccording to the possibility of coming, the medical system should be kept tight.Keeping in mind the incidents of snake bite, he also instructed to make proper arrangement for such treatment during the fair. ,
The District Magistrate instructed the officials of the Public Works Department to pay special attention to the leveling of the roads including cutting of bushes in the entire Mela area including all the routes of the Kanwar track. He instructed the officials of the supply department that they would pay special attention to over-rating during the Kanwar Mela and ensure that the rate list is displayed in the established shops and the supply of food items should not be interrupted anywhere.
In the meeting, detailed discussion was also held regarding the police system, food security, tourism, work related to Ganga conservation unit etc.
In the meeting, the District Magistrate directed the Deputy District Magistrates of the district to make sure to submit their reports after visiting the Kanwar Mela area in their respective areas. He also instructed the officers of all the concerned departments that in anticipation of the approval of the expenditure estimate for the Kanwar Mela sent to the government, all the works related to their respective departments must be completed within a week. be sure to do. In the meeting, the District Magistrate said that like previous years, all the officials should coordinate and complete the Kanwar fair successfully. Additional District Magistrate (Finance and Revenue) Bir Singh Budiyal, Secretary HRDA Uttam Singh Chauhan, Joint Magistrate Roorkee Abhinav Shah, Joint Magistrate Bhagwanpur Ashish Mishra, SDM Puran Singh Rana, City Magistrate Sushri Nupur Verma, SDM Laxar Gopal Ram Binwal, MNA Roorkee were present in the meeting. Vijaynath Shukla, SP CitySwatantra Kumar Singh, Superintendent of Police Rural Swapna Kishore Singh, Project Director Rural Development Agency Vikram Singh, DFO Mayank Shekhar Jha, Chief Medical Officer Dr.Manish Dutt, ARTO Ms. Rashmi Pant and Ratnakar, GMDIC Ms. Pallavi Gupta, Executive Engineer Jal Sansthan Madan Sen, District Tourism Officer Suresh Yadav, District Food Supply Officer Mukesh Kumar, Disaster Management Officer Ms. Meera Rawat, DOPRD Mukesh Bhatt, Public Works, EO Mangalore, Sultanpur, JhabredaOfficers of related departments including Padli Gurjar, Landhaura, Imlikheda, Bhagwanpur, Shivalik Nagar were present

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