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The bridegroom arrived with a baraat, demanded dowry in a drunken state, the bridegroom tied the groom to a tree

Alcohol had broken the marriage, marriage did not happen, went to their respective homes
The groom who brought the procession demanded dowry. Also asked the bride to get photographed with her friends. Things got worse on this. When the girl refused to do so, the Baratis started pressurizing her. After this, the people of the bride’s side took the baratis including the groom hostage. In the end, the groom’s side came on the backfoot. Couldn’t even get married.
The marriage procession of Amarjit Verma of Sakra village of Jaunpur had come in Harakhpur Mandhata on Wednesday evening. Late night there was a dispute at the time of Jaimal. When there was a dispute, the groom was tied to a tree. Not only this, the people of the village also accused the groom and his relatives, relatives and baratis of being drunk and beat them up. Due to the apprehension of ruckus, many baratis ran away in the night itself. The video of the uproar in the wedding procession and the groom being tied to a tree went viral on social media. However, Dainik Jagran does not confirm this video and the facts related to it.
Both the parties did not agree for the marriage. Many people kept talking and those who fixed the marriage were also called, but the thread of the relationship could not be connected.
Coming on the backfoot, the groom’s side told the bride’s side to pay the expenses incurred in welcoming the baraat, then the matter could be pacified. In this way, due to lack of dignity of conduct and a little bit of incomprehension, the relationship could not happen. The reputation of both the families also got affected. SO Mandhata Pushparaj Singh told that the marriage was postponed. Both sides have agreed to settle their scores. Tahrir has not been received from any side so far.
This is not the first case of bridegroom and baraat becoming hostages. A year ago, there was a wedding procession in Tikri, a nearby village. In this, the barati including the groom were intoxicated. At the time of Dwarpuja, he was not able to control himself. Everyone was taken hostage when there was an uproar. After giving him special hospitality, the seven rounds were canceled after handing him over to the police. Recently, the police and probation team had stopped a child marriage in Antu

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