The deal for the murder of Baba Tarsem was made for Rs 10 lakh

It was revealed by the arrest of four people involved in providing shelter and weapons to the murderers.

Rudrapur. Police have arrested four people from Pilibhit who were involved in giving shelter, providing weapons and conspiracy to the murderers of Dera chief Baba Tarsem Singh. A Gurdwara servant is also included among the arrested accused. The deal for the murder of Baba Tarsem was made for Rs 10 lakh. The murderers have taken Rs 5 lakh as advance. Two cars and two mobile phones used in the incident were also recovered from the accused.
On March 28, in Nanakmatta, two bike-riding miscreants entered the camp and shot dead Baba Tarsem Singh. The police had named five people in this case. In search of the main murderer Sarvjeet Singh, resident of Tarn Taran, Punjab and Amarjeet Singh, resident of Bilaspur, UP, the police conducted extensive raids in about five states and the international border of India-Nepal. On the eighth day of the massacre, the police arrested four people involved in the conspiracy, providing shelter to two murderers, providing weapons and arrested Dilbag Singh, resident of Nigohi, Shahjahanpur, UP, Amandeep Singh alias Kala, resident of Pilibhit, Tilhar, Harminder alias Pindi, resident of Shahjahanpur and Badhe Kanja, Kareli. Balkar Singh, resident of Pilibhit, was arrested.
Among them, Amandeep alias Dera is a serviceman of Kar Seva. Nanakmatta Police SSP Dr. Manjunath TC, while giving information to the journalists, said that the main murderers Sarvjeet and Amarjeet were continuously keeping an eye on the daily routine of Baba Tarsem Singh by renting a room in the inn of Nanakmatta Gurudwara Sahib since March 19. Both of them lured Amandeep Singh alias Kala, a servant of the Gurdwara, and with his help, they kept finding the location of Baba Tarsem Singh on March 28, the day of the incident. After finding the correct location, both of them entered the camp and shot Baba Tarsem Singh dead. After the massacre, both of them reached Dilbag Singh’s house in Shahjahanpur. Where both received a sum of five lakh rupees from Dilbag and his associates out of the pre-determined amount. Dilbagh helped both the murderers escape. SSP Dr. Manjunath said that both the murderers and the sharp shooters were hired to carry out the murder.

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