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The groom ran away from the mandap, the bride chased him for 20 km and caught him

The love affair of both was going on for two and a half years, that’s why the groom ran away from the wedding in the temple
high voltage drama on the middle of the road
The bridegroom went away from the wedding mandap after talking about getting decorated. The bride waited for a long time in the mandap. When I called him, he started making excuses. When the bride came to know that the groom ran away, the bride chased him and caught him. The matter is of Bareilly and is becoming very viral on social media.
The bridegroom was getting married to his girlfriend in the temple. The groom left the mandap by making an excuse. The bride-turned-girlfriend chased him for about 20 kilometers and caught him. For a long time there was drama in the middle of the road. After this both were married in the temple. According to information, a girl from the old city of Bareilly was having a love affair with a youth from Bisauli in Badaun district for two and a half years. The family members of the girl agreed to get her married to avoid defamation. The girl also persuaded the lover for marriage.
On Sunday, preparations were made to get married in the presence of the girl’s family members in a temple in Bareilly. The girl dressed up and became a bride. Came to the mandap decorated in the temple to take rounds. Here suddenly the lover’s mind wandered. He left the mandap asking his girlfriend to dress herself and call her mother. When the bride did not return the lover for a long time, the bride contacted the groom on the phone, then he told that he was going to Bisauli to call his mother. After this, the bride chased about 20 km and caught the groom sitting in a bus at Bhamora. People were surprised to see the girl dressed as a bride.
Later it was found that the groom had run away from the mandap. The bride took him off the bus, while the groom insisted on bringing his mother, the bride insisted on taking him around and getting married. There was a dispute between the two for a long time. A crowd gathered on the spot. Later the young man agreed and came to the temple with the bride. Tied Mangal Sutra around the neck of the girlfriend who got married in Bhamora’s Shiva temple. After this the bride happily went to Bareilly along with her husband and family members

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