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The loving couple died by lying on the railway track ahead of the train

No one ran away fearing death when the train arrived, both tied each other’s hands

Lover-girlfriend cut off from the Rajdhani Express train and gave their lives. Both tied each other’s hands, so that no one would run away in fear of death when the train arrived. When the train came, both their heads were severed. Both were residents of Akbarpur police station in Kanpur Dehat. The incident is of Auraiya.
There was a love affair between Atul Agnihotri (24), a resident of Vigahi village in Kanpur Dehat, and Parul (19), a resident of Kanhaiya Nagar. Both were from different castes. The families of both did not agree for the marriage. In 2021, Atul’s family got him married. But even after this he resembled Parul. On Wednesday morning, the bodies of both were found on the railway track. Both were identified from mobile and bag

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