The moon will appear bigger and brighter than normal days on the night of August 30.

Blue moon will be seen at 8:37 pm, then such astronomical event will happen after many years

New Delhi. Blue supermoon is going to be seen in the sky on 30 August. The Super Blue Moon will be the third largest moon seen so far this year.
On August 30, the size of the moon will appear 7 percent bigger and 16 percent brighter than daily. Such a sight would not be seen again for many years. Then such an incident can be seen in 2026. During the Blue Supermoon in 2018, the Moon was at a distance of 3,57,530 km from Earth, while on August 30, the Moon will be even closer at 3,57,344 km.
What is Blue Supermoon?
New Moon, Full Moon, Super Moon and Blue Moon are visible due to astronomical events occurring in space. The blue moon that appears every 2 or 3 years is slightly larger in size and its color also looks different. When two full moons appear in a month, then the second full moon is considered as Blue Moon. The last time Blue Moon was seen in 2018. Understand in Assamese language, if there are more than two full moons in a single month, then this year will be called Moon Year. According to NASA, the moon appears brighter than normal days and such a phenomenon occurs only when the moon is full and its orbit is closest to Earth.
Generally, Blue Moon comes only every two or three years. 2018 had two Blue Moons in one year and a lunar eclipse just two months apart. The next time we will see two Blue Moons in a year will be in 2037.
Future Blue Moon Dates and Years
• Blue Moon will be visible on August 30, 2023
• Blue Moon will be visible on May 31, 2026
• Blue Moon will be visible on December 31, 2028

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What is the best time to see the Blue Supermoon?
As soon as the sunset starts on 30th August, during that time you can capture this amazing sight in your eyes. On August 30, 2023, at exactly 8.37 pm, the Super Blue Moon will appear brighter and bigger. However, when the Blue Moon occurs, it will be day time in India. It will be visible in the US so Indians can capture the Blue Moon with their eyes on their phones. This sight will be really interesting because now you will have to wait for three years to see the moon.

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