The video of the conversation between Minister Premchand and Harak Rawat went viral, Premchand said Harak betrayed you, you also listen

Movement in political corridors, video of conversation related to Rishikesh IDPL Colony
The viral video of the telephonic conversation between former minister Congress leader Harak Singh Rawat and cabinet minister Premchand Aggarwal has created a political furore. Video
Action is taken to demolish the IDPL colony of Rishikesh. After the video went viral, Minister Premchand accused Harak Singh Rawat of betraying him.
The video of the conversation has been shared by Congress leader Harak Singh Rawat himself on his Facebook page.
It is seen in the video that Harak Singh Rawat is going somewhere in the car. Meanwhile, he talks to Minister Premchand Aggarwal on the phone.It is said that while holding the post of a minister in the BJP government, Harak Singh Rawat has formed a committee headed by me under the orders given by the Supreme Court to remove the encroachment of Kalagad and did not allow its meeting to take place, then the technical committee In the same way, you kept the cases hanging in the same wayGet the DM stopped by speaking or write an emotional letter to the Chief Secretary on humanitarian groundsIn the video, Harak and Premchand are talking to Agarwal. Meanwhile, in view of the rain, Harak is requesting immediate closure of the encroachment removal campaign at IDPL, Rishikesh. Along with this, they are also giving tips to Agarwal to convince him. During the video, Premchand Aggarwal is also heard agreeing to stop the campaign against encroachment at this time. Have talked to the DM speaking about this matter many times, but the DM is saying that there is an order from above. After the video went viral, Premchand Aggarwal accused Harak Singh Rawat of betraying him.
Urban Development Minister Premchand Aggarwal has raised questions on former cabinet minister and Congress leader Harak Singh Rawat. Premchand Aggarwal said that Harak has betrayed me by making a video of his conversation with me. It does not suit a senior leader to make the video of his conversation with a minister viral like this

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