There is a fight for seats in trains for Holi, check the status before going.

Highest waiting for these trains and cities, no seats after March 20
Holi is on 25th March. Waiting for seats in trains has already started for Holi. Seats in other trains including Upasana, Kota Express and Howrah Superfast are full. After March 20, the waiting time in most trains has reached 50 to 100.
Thousands of people from UP-Bihar and other states come to Doon city to do various jobs or business. Some people live with their families while others leave their families and come to the village. On the occasion of festivals, people are eager to go to their native village or city.
Holika Dahan is on 24th March and Holi is on 25th March. In such a situation, people from Dehradun have already started booking trains to go to their respective homes, due to which the waiting list is increasing day by day. The waiting list during online ticket booking on the official website of Railways has reached 50 to 100.
The maximum waiting time is in the trains going from Dehradun railway station towards Purvanchal. In these, the waiting list is continuously increasing between 20th and 25th March. In Upasana Express 12328, the waiting list for cities like Banaras, Lucknow and Patna has increased to 108 on 20th March and 133 sleepers on 23rd March. The waiting list for Doon to Howrah Express was 108 on 21st March, 132 on 22nd March and 48 on 24th March. Apart from this, the waiting list of Kota Express 12402 running from Doon to Kota is 33 on 22 March and 12 on 23 March, which is continuously increasing. Similarly, there are no seats in other trains including Gorakhpur Express.

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