Three including two journalists arrested for demanding extortion in Haldwani, alleged female journalist absconding

Alleged journalists had asked for one lakh rupees from the Principal Assistant of the Irrigation Department by calling themselves officers of Vigilance.

Haldwani. The police arrested two journalists and a driver for allegedly demanding extortion money from the Principal Assistant of the Irrigation Department. While an alleged female journalist is absconding.
On the complaint of the Principal Assistant of the Irrigation Department, a case was registered for demanding extortion of one lakh. Police has arrested 3 accused.
Disclosing the matter, SP City Jagdish Chandra said that Principal Assistant Umesh Chandra Kothari, posted at the head office of the Irrigation Department, told the police in Tahrir that four people including a woman reached his office at around 11:30 pm on Thursday afternoon. The accused called themselves vigilance officers. One of the accused showed some half-finished videos of him taped in his mobile. Threatened by showing vigilance card.
He said that on giving one lakh rupees, he would settle the matter. If he does not do so, he will trap him. Along with this, the video will also go viral. He says that he got scared of the threats of the accused. Went on a bike with an accused and withdrew Rs 70,000 from his bank. Borrowed Rs 30,000 from a friend and gave Rs one lakh to the accused.
The officer complained about this in the police post, after registering the case, the police started searching for extortionists, from which they were nabbed. Kishan Lal Shanti Bihar Rudrapurtold.

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While the name of absconding female journalist Sakshi Saxena resident Noida is included. 90 thousand have been recovered from the three accused. Police said that earlier in the year 2019, Saurabh Gaba had gone to jail for demanding extortion of one lakh in the doctor’s sting. Earlier, these three have also been arrested in Tanakpur in the case of extortion.

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