Time has come to root out terrorism by taking zero tolerance strategy and action: Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke at the All India Police Science Congress at the Forest Research Institute

Dehradun. Union Home Minister Amit Shah: The time has come to root out terrorism by adopting the strategy and action of zero tolerance. Speaking at the All India Police Science Congress at the Forest Research Institute, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that to combat terrorism, we will have to move ahead with the policy of zero tolerance.
At the same time, it is necessary to attack terrorism by adopting zero tolerance in strategy and action, so that it can be completely eliminated. He said that there is a need to increase coordination between various agencies and police forces of the states. Police across the country should connect with Rashtriya Raksha Shakti University and Forensic Science University. He said that the Khabari system will have to be revived again. No one can analyze intelligence better than the human brain.
The Home Minister said that by explaining terrorism and organized crime in three new criminal laws, the Modi government has worked to protect the country from them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target before the countrymen that when the centenary of the country’s independence is celebrated, then we have to build such an India which is first in every field. For this, it is necessary that the law and order system, internal security and security of the borders of the country be strong. No country can develop unless it strengthens its internal security and borders.
Under the leadership of Modi, the country is progressing in every field and will emerge as a strong economic power in the coming days. In such a situation, the police and agencies across the country will have to fulfill the responsibility of security of our economic institutions more strongly. Referring to the abolition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, he said that seeing the situation there, every citizen of the country is heaving a sigh of relief. It has now become a part of India forever. No one can snatch it from us now. He said that the reason for the decline in violence in leftist extremism areas is now that development is reaching every village and individual. A new era of health, education and infrastructure has begun everywhere. Shah said that when there is development in every field, many challenges also arise before us.
Our police will have to prepare itself to meet those challenges. The young police officers of the country should work on new topics like security of the country’s critical infrastructure, cyber security audit in the states, continuous monitoring of internet media and visas. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Director General of Police Research and Development Bureau Balaji Srivastava and many officials were present in the program.
Brainstorming took place on four topics on the first day. The six topics in the All India Police Science Congress were Policing in the 5G era, Narcotics – a game changing approach, Challenges of Internet Media, Community Policing, Challenges of Internal Security and Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs). Coordination between – security of borders, are included. On the first day on Saturday, experts presented their views on policing in the 5G era, Narcotics – a game changing approach, coordination between police and CAPFs and challenges of internal security.

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