Underworld don PP becomes saint in Almora jail, Acharya Dandinath gives initiation

In 2010, PP had an encounter with Vietnam and had reached Karachi to kill Dawood.
. Notorious Prakash Pandey alias PP, an associate of underworld don Chhota Rajan, the uncrowned king of the world of Jarayam, has now become a monk. He is currently lodged in Almora jail. He has taken the initiation of Sannyasa along with religious rituals in jail.
Prakash Pandey is a very famous name in the world of crime. He had committed many crimes in his life including dozens of contract killings. He had fled to Vietnam after committing various criminal activities including murder of many leaders and extortion in Mumbai. He was arrested from Vietnam in 2010. After that he was kept in different jails of Uttarakhand. At present he is lodged in Almora jail.
After carrying out the Mumbai serial blasts, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim had fled to Pakistan after handing over his business to Chhota Shakeel. On this, his rival gang chief Chhota Rajan, Bunty Pandey, Vicky Malhotra and Puneet Tanashah planned to assassinate Dawood. Chhota Rajan wanted to rule Mumbai by killing Dawood. Chhota Rajan gang had entrusted the responsibility of killing Dawood by entering Pakistan to PP. PP used to be a sharp shooter. PP had also reached Karachi to kill Dawood. Dawood escaped at the last moment.
Acharya Dandinath Maharaj of Nath sect claimed in a phone conversation that PP’s Sanyas initiation was completed on 28th March in Amrit Vela with Harshan Yoga amidst Vedic mantra chanting in District Jail Almora. After taking initiation he was given the name Yogi Prakashnath. All the rituals took place under the supervision of the jail administration. According to DIG Jail Dadhiram Maurya, puja rituals can take place inside the jail. Even though PP has become a Sanyasi, he has not been given any permission to worship outside the jail. He will remain in jail.

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